Set up a CRM system on the QNAP NAS for your business

Set up a CRM system on the QNAP NAS for your business


with one of the best, full-featured yet free and open source CRM software – vtiger CRM


Setting up a CRM system for your business usually means a large amount of money needs to be invested. Although there are many free and open source software around only a few of them are being actively developed, supported by a strong community and still remains 100% free and offering full-featured functionalities. vtiger CRM falls into one of this kind without questions.

This how-to will show you how to install vtiger CRM on the QNAP NAS by the easy-to-install QPKG method. Read on.

Activate the web server and the MySQL database server

Login to the administration page and then go to ‘Network Services’ > ‘Web Server’. Check the box ‘Enable Web server’ and click ‘Apply’.

Next go to ‘Applications’ > ‘MySQL Server’ and check both ‘Enable MySQL Server’ and ‘Enable TCP/IP Networking’ then click ‘Apply’.

Install vtiger CRM via QPKG

Go to ‘Applications’ > ‘QPKG’ and click ‘Get QPKG’ to get a list of currently available software packages. Choose the link that matches your NAS model to download the vtiger CRM QPKG file.

Once downloaded first unzip the compressed archive, then go to ‘Applications’ -> ‘QPKG’ and install the vtigercrm.qpkg file the same way as if you were updating the system firmware. Upon successful installation you should see a QPKG entry like the screen below.

vtiger CRM step by step configuration wizard

Click the vtiger CRM icon on the QPKG page and simply follow the URL link shown on the pop-up window next to the ‘Web Page’ field.

The URL you clicked will take you to the first page of vtiger CRM configuration wizard.

vtiger CRM will first check your system to see if there any errors that will prevent the wizard from successful installation. You may ignore the error as shown below and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Here you may select optional modules to install, once selected click ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

Here you will need to provide MySQL database information, domain URL, preferred currency and the credentials of the default administrator and user. Once entered all the information needed click ‘Next’ to continue.

The wizard has gathered all the information required to start the installation. You should verify and confirm the details shown on the screen. For beginners you may wish to check the option ‘Populate database with demo data’ which demonstrates you how you can use and configure vtiger CRM. Once you are certain about all the settings, click ‘Next’ to proceed.

The wizard has just created the configuration file which contains the settings you have specified just now. It will now start the database creation which would take at least 4 minutes. Click ‘Next’ and just sit back and wait till it completes.

If your screen looks like the one below, congratulations! You have just completed the installation successfully and ready to get started. Click ‘Finish’ to go to the login page.

This is the login screen simply enter the user name and password then click ‘Sign in’ to start.

There you go. This is the administration dash board of your vtiger CRM and don’t forget that if you need any function that’s not there you can always go to the official vtiger CRM extensions site to check out many more application add-ons.


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  1. Is this till supported?

    I cannot find the QPKG for vtigerCRM. I am running QTS 4.2.

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