Stuck At “Hardware Test” At LCD Panel

After system configuration my qnap 419p+, the lcd is always on with “hardware test”. How can I solve?

Notes about problem:

-Qnapfinder can find device if we start without HDDs, but if we start device with HDDs, device stuck at “Hardware Test” screen on LCD panel.

-Qnap can be setup fine with another 4 HDDs without problem, and problem only exist when using these HDDs, so this is software problem.

-Starting device without hdd -> Login with Putty ->Plug HDDs and type “config_util 1 / storage_boot_init 1-2″ doesnt solve the problem.

-Pressing reset button 3 or 10 second doesnt work.

-Plug in all HDDs to another device (Ts-412) doesnt work.

So, Here is how I solve;

1 - I plug all HDDs to TS-879 and start the device. Qnapfinder could find device and files becames accessable. After login admin panle and checking log files, I realize “Re-launch process [lcdmond]“, “Re-launch process [upnpcd]“, and “Re-launch process [bcclient]” error.

Qnap Hardware Test

2 – So, I press 10+ seconds (till heard second beep sound), and all these errors fixed;


3 – I plug all these HDDs to Ts-419p+ back again and start device again. After a few minutes Qnap asked me to migrate or initilize system back again. Choose “Migrate”;

4 - Now device becomes accessable again.;

If you have any problem, please contact your local Dist.

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