What is FTP and How to Setup


When you turn on FTP service, you can specify the port number and the maximum number of users that are allowed to connect to the NAS by FTP at the same time.

To use the FTP service of the NAS, enable this function. Open an IE browser and enter ftp://NAS IP. Enter the user name and the password to login the FTP service.

Protocol Type
Select to use standard FTP connection or SSL/TLS encrypted FTP. Select the correct protocol type in your client FTP software to ensure successful connection.

Unicode Support
Turn on or off the Unicode support. The default setting is No. If your FTP client does not support Unicode, you are recommended to turn off this option and select the language you specify in “General Settings” > “Language” so that the file and folder names can be correctly shown. If your FTP client supports Unicode, enable Unicode support for both your client and the NAS.

Anonymous Login
You can turn on this option to allow anonymous access to the NAS by FTP. The users can connect to the files and folders which are open for public access. If this option is turned off, the users must enter an authorized user name and password to connect to the server.

Passive FTP Port Range
You can use the default port range (55536-56559) or specify a port range larger than 1023. When using this function, make sure you have opened the ports on your router or firewall.

FTP Transfer Limitation
Specify the maximum number of FTP connections, maximum connections of a single user account and the maximum upload/download rates of a single connection.

Respond with external IP address for passive FTP connection request
When passive FTP connection is in use, the FTP server (NAS) is behind a router, and a remote computer cannot connect to the FTP server over the WAN, enable this function. When this option is turned on, the NAS replies the IP address you specify or automatically detects the external IP address so that the remote computer is able to connect to the FTP server.

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