What is Microsoft Networking Host Access Control

Microsoft Networking Host Access Control

The NAS folders can be accessed via Samba connection (Windows) by default. You can specify the IP addresses and hosts which are allowed to access the NAS via Microsoft Networking. Click to edit the host access control of a folder.


A wizard will be shown. Enter the allowed IP addresses and host names. For example:

IP address


Host name dnsname.domain.local




Wildcard characters

You can enter wildcard characters in an IP address or host name entry to represent unknown characters.


Asterisk (*)

Use an asterisk (*) as a substitute for zero or more characters. For example, if you enter *.domain.local, the following items are included:





Question mark (?)

Use a question mark (?) as a substitute for only one character. For example, test?.domain.local includes the following:





When you use wildcard characters in a valid host name, dot (.) is included in wildcard characters. For example, when you enter *.example.com, “one.example.com” and “one.two.example.com” are included.


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Microsoft Networking Host Access Control Nedir & Nasıl KullanılırWhat is Microsoft Networking Host Access Control, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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