Extended Warranty: How To Extend Your Qnap Warranty 3 More Years?

QNAP offers industry leading free 2 to 5 year limited warranty service on our products. This is a simple and powerful statement that QNAP products are built to last. If the standard warranty is not long enough, QNAP Extended Warranty Service coverage offers our customers worry free protection well into the future. No hidden fee, you will not be required to pay any additional cost; QNAP is only a simple phone call or email away. Our warranty process is as simple as 1-2-3; it just makes sense to be well protected.

QNAP Extended Warranty Service Benefits:

  • Your QNAP product is protected directly by the manufacturer.
  • 100% parts and labor covered with no additional cost.
  • Fast product repair time, within 7 working days.
  • Free and fast shipping to customer location.
  • Free remote trouble shooting service.
  • Extended warranty begins after the standard warranty has expired.
  • An Extended warranty plan can be purchased within 60 days of the initial unit purchase.
Standard Warranty Optional Extended Warranty
TVS-ECx80U-SAS Series 5 Years, with 3-year global warranty* inclusive None
TS-x79 NAS Series
TS-x80 NAS Series
TVS-x80 NAS Series
3 Year Included 1 Additional Year / Max 4 Year
2 Additional Year / Max 5 Year
TS-x51 NAS Series
TS-x53 NAS Series
TS-x69 NAS Series
TS-x70 NAS Series
TVS-x63 NAS Series
TVS-x71 NAS Series

2 Year Included

1 Additional Year / Max 3 Year
2 Additional Year / Max 4 Year
3 Additional Year / Max 5 Year

*The global warranty coverage allows users who need warranty services to contact their nearest QNAP retailers or shops for support, not limited to where their NAS was purchased.

Note: First, please contact a QNAP technical support for all return instructions.

Data Backup: The customer is responsible for backing up all the data stored in any storage device before returning the product to QNAP for an RMA service. QNAP will not be liable for any data loss during the RMA process.


Extended Warranty Service Coverage

  • QNAP Extended Warranty Service is supplemental to the standard warranty and begins on the date the standard warranty expires.
  • QNAP will repair the unit within 7 working days.
  • 1-way Delivery Cost: Customer will pay for shipping to QNAP RMA location and QNAP will pay for return shipping to the customer address.

Service Policy

QNAP Inc. considers QNAP products or parts out-of-warranty or voided if:

  • The products have been mishandled, misused, wilfully damaged, neglected, modified, changed or defaced in any way.
  • The “QNAP” label or barcode sticker located at the rear of the product has been altered, obscured or removed.
  • The term of the applicable warranty period has expired.

QNAP Repair Service

The warranty service can be obtained by contacting QNAP directly. We will provide the Buyer with an RMA number within two business days after the RMA documents are validated. No RMA returns will be accepted without an RMA number and any cost incurred from unauthorized RMA returns is subject to the RMA sender and QNAP reserves the right to dispose said unit at will.

Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

    • This coverage is supplemental to the manufacturer’s limited warranty. If a product does not operate as warranted above during the applicable warranty period, QNAP shall, at its option and expense, repair the defective product or part, or deliver to the customer an equivalent product or part to replace the defective item. All products or parts that have been replaced will become QNAP’s property. Replacement products can be new or reconditioned as QNAP decides.
    • The extended warranty is provided to QNAP customers to entitle them to claim warranty repairs or after-sales service for an extended period after the standard warranty ends, valid within USA and Canada only.
    • All extended warranties are to be purchased within 60 days of the initial purchase of the associated QNAP product. Extended warranty cannot be purchased for any QNAP products after 60 days from the initial invoice date.
    • The extended warranties can only be purchased by QNAP direct customers. Only QNAP provided and validated warranty certificate is accepted.
    • The total maximum extended warranty that a QNAP product can carry is 5 years.
    • The extended warranty covers the QNAP product (including the power supply, fan, and adaptor). It does not cover the accessories of the standard package, e.g. network cable and CD-ROM.
    • The extended warranty only covers normal use of the QNAP product in its intended environment. The extended warranty is invalid or void in the following circumstances:
      • The damage or defect of the product is caused by natural disasters, irresistible force, or human error.
      • The damage or defect of the product is caused by user-installed or user-modified software or components.
      • The product serial number sticker or warranty card is damaged or is unidentifiable.
      • The product is subject to mishandling, improper use or unreasonable operation.
    • QNAP is only responsible for the hardware repair of the products and disclaims any responsibility for rescuing or keeping the data stored on the products.
    • To purchase an extended warranty during the purchase of the QNAP product, the distributor should inform QNAP of the product model, quantity and the extended warranty period to purchase. QNAP will reply with the price quote to the distributor. If the distributor should accept the price and pay for the extended warranty, QNAP will provide the proof of purchase after authorizing the payment.
    • The extended warranty proof must show the product model, serial number, and the extended warranty period. The handling process and shipment cost of the warranty service during the extended warranty period is the same as that within the standard warranty service. The customer must provide a photocopy of the extended warranty proof when applying for warranty service.

To purchase a QNAP Extended Warranty Service, please click Purchase QNAP Extended Warranty Service..


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