Qnap Mac Adress Lost and Turn To 00-00-00-00-05-09

This is random error. sometimes happens after FW update. Please download putty login your NAS as admin and fallow these commands to fix this issue;

Note; you can find the correct MAC address from the label on back of NAS

qnap mac adress


For HAL NAS: (for Qnap 4.1.x and Up Firmware)

# hal_app –se_sys_set_mac obj_index=0,value=00:08:9B:12:34:56

Note: obj_index is the LAN interface number, 0=LAN1, 1=LAN2, etc…


For Legacy NAS with single LAN interface: (For Qnap 4.0.x and lower versions)

# set_mac 00:08:9b:12:34:56


For Legacy NAS with dual LAN interface:

# iface_set_mac eth0 00:08:9b:12:34:56

# iface_set_mac eth1 00:08:9b:12:34:57



Qnap mac adress fix (1)


And After Reboot;Qnap mac adress fix (2)



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Qnap Mac Adress Lost and Turn To 00-00-00-00-05-09Qnap'ın Mac Adresi 00-00-00-00-05-09 Adresine Dönüştü?, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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