Windows Server 2012 Windows Sever Backup

I - How to Create Backup in Windows Server 2012

II – Qnap Samba Configration


I - How to Create Backup in Windows Server 2012


In my previous article I explained How to Install Windows Server Backup Feature in Windows Server 2012. In today’s article you will learn how to create a backup of the System State/Active Directory using the Windows Server Backup Feature in Windows Server 2012.

Just as, until now you have already installed the Windows Server Backup Feature, now we will move forward from there.

Step 1

Go to the Tools option provided by the Server Manager, left-click on it and scroll down to the “Windows Server Backup” option.


Now this type of option will be opened:


Step 2

In the Local Backup option you will get a few options like “Backup Schedule”, “Backup Once”, “Recover” etc. In this article we will create a one-time backup, so click on “Backup Once”.


Now “Backup Options” will be available from which you must select the second option, “Different Options” and then click on “Next”.


Step 3

Now “Backup Configuration” will be available from which you can either select to create a backup of the “Full Server” or select the “Custom Option” that will give you freedom to chose from various options for creating a backup.


On the next page click on “Add Items” after which you will be able to select the item to create the backup of.


From the options you can select any Drive or System State or both. Here I will create a backup of only the System State so I select it and click on the “OK” button.


Step 4

Now, Choose “Remote shared folder
\\MyfileServer: Choose Your Qnap Ip Adress at
(ex: \\


\SharedFolderName: Choose Your Backup Folder On Qnap
(Ex: \Public)




Since here I selected the Local Drive, it will ask me in which drive I would like to create the backup and how much space is available in that drive. After that click on “Next”.


Step 5

Now a Confirmation Page will be shown that will show you the full details of whatever you selected and will finally ask you to give permission to create the backup. Click on “Backup” to start the backup.


Now your backup will begin and within a few minutes your backup will have been created.


Now you can go to the specified drive and ensure that the backup was created.



II – Qnap Samba Configration

If You’ll get  The version does not support this version of the file format Error, just connect Qnap with SSH (Use Putty or Winscp)


open smb configration with vim /etc/smb.conf command and change this commad;

comment = Bim
path = /share/MD0_DATA/BIM
browsable = yes
oplocks = yes
ftp write only = no
public = yes
invalid users = "guest"
read list =
write list = "admin",@"FMV+bilgiIslemMerkezi",@"FMV+qnapYoneticileri"
valid users = "root","admin",@"FMV+bilgiIslemMerkezi",@"FMV+qnapYoneticileri"
inherit permissions = yes
admin users = @"FMV+qnapYoneticileri"
strict allocate = yes
admin only =

Type /etc/init.d/ restart command to restart samba service, and restart Backup again..



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One Response to Windows Server 2012 Windows Sever Backup

  1. Stephanie Cline says:

    I tried this option and it failed, again and again. Is there really no way to back up a Windows server to the NAS without buying additional software?

    Server 2012 R2
    QNAP NAS Model TVS-871
    Firmware 4.2.1 Build 20160601

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