What is Reset Button Function?

I – Reset Button Function

II – Where is Reset Button

III – My Share Folders Disappear!

I – Reset Button Function

Enable configuration reset switch
When this function is turned on, you can press the reset button for 3 seconds to reset the administrator password and the system settings to default. The disk data will be retained.


Basic system reset

(1 beep)

Advanced system reset

(2 beeps)

All NAS models

Press the reset button for 3 sec

Press the reset button for 10 sec

Basic system reset (3 sec)

After pressing the reset button for 3 seconds, a beep sound will be heard. The following settings will be reset to default:

System administration password: admin.
TCP/IP configuration: Obtain IP address settings automatically via DHCP.
TCP/IP configuration: Disable Jumbo Frame.
TCP/IP configuration: If port trunking is enabled (dual LAN models only), the port trunking mode will be reset to “Active Backup (Failover)”.
System port: 8080 (system service port).
Security level: Low (Allow all connections).
LCD panel password: (blank)*.
VLAN will be disabled.
Service binding: All NAS services run on all available network interfaces.

*This feature is only provided by the NAS models with LCD panels. Please visit http://www.qnap.com for details.

Advanced system reset (10 sec)

After pressing the reset button for 10 seconds, you will hear two beeps at the third and the tenth seconds. The NAS will reset all the system settings to default as it does by the web-based system reset in “Administration” > “Restore to Factory Default” except all the data are reserved. The settings such as the users, user groups, and the network shares previously created will be cleared. To retrieve the old data after advanced system reset, create the same network shares on the NAS and the data will be accessible again.

II – Where is Reset Button

I couldnt find Qnap Reset Button, Where is it?

Qnao Reset Button

If you still couldnt find where it is, type google : “qnap * reset button” and search from images. (* = your nas device model)

III – My Share Folders Disappear!

If you Press Reset Button more than 10 seconds, Qnap confgiration, including share folders path will be lost and you have to show them back again.

Just login Qnap and go  to Access Right Managment -> Share Folders -> New Share Folder.

Give any name that you want, Choose right disk volume, and press “Enter Path  Manually“. A dropdown menu should be open. just double click to your folder, and press next to complete process. Your datas should be back again.

Alternativly, Download wincsp program, install it with “commander” interface, and login to Qnap. All of your share folder should be under “Share” folder.

Just Drag any file to left side to copy.

If you still have problem reaching datas, please check my other documents.

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Qnap'ın Arkasındaki Reset Tuşu Ne İşe Yarar?What is Reset Button Function?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. Stefan Carlstedt says:

    I have a old TS-251+ and i can´t log in to it anymore. Have tried reset it but it doesen´t respond to 3sek or 10sek (tried much longer) What to do?

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