Backup Station Incomming List – Incorrect Job Status: How To Fix Hanging RTRR Job Status Problem


rtrr job silme 4

I use RTRR to backup from the current QNAP TS-869 (4.2.0 Build 925) to my backup QNAP TS-419P II (4.2.0 Build 925). I have installed the new versioning add-on both boxes.

The 419P is the backup target. In Backup Station -> RTRR Server -> Incoming list there is an entry from a job that was initiated by the TS-869 that shows status of Synchronizing however the job is no longer running.

When I select the entry, the “Clear Records” button is grayed out – and I can’t remove it.

I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling RTRR – that didn’t clear it. I’ve rebooted all the QNAP servers — that didn’t clear it.

How do I remove this “orphaned” record from my incoming job log?

Is this process still running somehow consuming system resources on the backup target?


How To Solve

2 – Login your Qnap with winscp cleared everything (Or the wrong RTRR Job) inside qsyncpassivejob.conf

To solve this problem , first login your NAS with winscp, backup qsyncpassivejob.conf file to your computer (for possble failure) and double click to edit this file

rtrr job silme 1


2 – You’ll see RTRR jobs inside of this file, so clear wrong incoming RTRR Job (or everyhing) and save file;

rtrr job silme 2

For example I delete everyhing inside of this and save file,

rtrr job silme 3

4 – Now that wrong RTRR incoming job should be cleared!

Backup Station Incomming List - Incorrect Job Status

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