ISCSI Lun Becomes as RAW / Unallocated File system

I – Recover Files From Corrupted ISCSI Lun Partition.

II – How to Recover Files From Corrupted ISCSI with Active File Recovery


I – Recover Files From Corrupted ISCSI Lun Partition.

An IT manager in Turkey request help from me about his ISCSI on Qnap seems as RAW / Unallocated file system and he couldnt reach his datas. When I asked him why this error may accure, he said he tried to use his ISCSI on windows 2003 server to windows 2008 server.

After a little research (around 2-3 hours :)) , I find how to recover these files back again.

Also must warn you about this is not Qnap failure, its Windows server failure but if you or your costumer make a mistake like this, here you can recover this files by this way;

1 – Plug you ISCSI to any windows OS with ISCSI initiator;

2 – Download and install Easus Partition Master full version or Home Edition. (Dont install its Demo Verison!)

3 – Simply run program, choose your RAW / Unallocated Qnap ISCSI part, and press “proceed”;

4 – After a short check (less than 1 minute) , you can reach all of your datas;

Dont forget, you cant use your windows server 2003 ISCSI direclty to another Windows!

Also You Can Try Dynamic Disk Converter Professional Sorfware;

Dynamic Disk Converter is a professional dynamic disk management wizard to optimize your disk type management, with the main feature to directly convert dynamic disk back to basic disk without losing data, It works sector by sector to convert/clone from spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID 5 volume to a basic partition. What’s more, for an unreadable dynamic disk and invalid dynamic disk, it can also professionally revert to basic disk and retrieve the data you desired. 

Major Features:

* Convert an invalid or unreadable dynamic disk to basic disk. NEW
* Support spanned volume, striped volume (RAID 0), mirrored volume (RAID 1) and RAID 5 volume convert (clone) to basic partition.
* Ensure system bootable after reverting dynamic to basic disk.
* Ensure data security during the conversion process.
* Support single disk and volume with the maximum capacity of 2TB.
* Support for FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT and others (e.g. ext2, ext3) file systems.
* User friendly interface makes your usage more easily and efficiently.
* Smoothly work on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008. 

Download links:


II – How to Recover Files From Corrupted ISCSI with Active File Recovery

1 – You can recover your files from corrupted ISCSI partition;


2 – Download full version of this software, and run “Active File Recovery”


3 – Choose your corrupted partition and run “superscan”


4 – After scan process complete, start search


5 – Choose files you want to scan;


6 – Select files you want to recover, and start recovery process;







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ISCSI Alanım RAW / Unallocated Dosya Sistemi Olarak GörünüyorISCSI Lun Becomes as RAW / Unallocated File system, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

One Response to ISCSI Lun Becomes as RAW / Unallocated File system

  1. Carlos Bernardo says:

    hi to all

    Have the same issue on a Synology ISCSI drive also like this and what I’ve done was only, follow the example using the software EaseUS Partition Master 11.0, and then select the ISCSI drive and execute the “check partition” and leave the “chkdsk” activated, don’t activate the “Surface Test”.
    After the chkdsk start and found errors, my second workststion connected immediately.
    Hope that this little explanation could help someone
    Thanks to you all


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