Qnap Firmware Release Notes

QTS 4.0.5 Build1126

(Warning: Downgrading From This Firmware Cause All Your Datas Lost And Cause You To Install Device Once Again. Please Be Careful While Installing This Firmware)

[Change log]
Fixed – Cannot connect to Time Machine server using OSX 10.9

Fixed – PSD files uploaded by AFP could not be opened properly

Some minor bug fixes

QTS 4.0.2 Build0726

[New Features]

- QTS performance enhancement

- Photo Station

1. More pictures can be selected during photo import/upload

2. Full screen support for slideshow

3. Multiple pictures can be geotagged at the same time

4. Deleting a picture will no longer refresh the page

5. Photo file path is now linked to File Station for direct opening

6. Adds password prompt when accessing Qsync or Private Collection

7. On-the-fly video transcoding for TS-x59, TS-x69

8. Performance enhancement

9. Adds the ability to rotate the transcoded video files

- Setup: add an option to pre-install home or business-oriented features during first time setup for TS-x69 series

- Add the ability to clear partition in reset option (e.g. after reboot, the NAS enters Quick Setup status)

- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1e


- Change SNMP output values from integers to strings

- Download Station: add a disclaimer for the first time usage

[Major Issues Fixed]

- Unable to login to QTS under some circumstances

- The destination folder could not be displayed in Rsync backup to Deltacopy Server

- Symform could not be installed successfully

- The HDD standby may not be functional in some circumstances

- Advanced Folder Permission could not be applied if the name of subfolder is “A&B”

- A guest folder was created automatically during anonymous FTP login

- [Photo Station] User could not enter private collection if no password was set

- Eaton Ellipse Max 600 UPS could not be recognized

- [File Station] Uploading files greater than 2GB could fail

- Google Drive Sync was unable to sync after the firmware update

QTS 4.0.1

QTS 4.0 operating system
Multi-window, multi-tasking web administration
- Advanced system status and alert notification via Dashboard
- Multiple desktop spaces
- View active backup or anti-virus scanning jobs
- Drag and drop or grouping icons for settings or application shortcuts
- Personalized icons, shortcuts, wallpapers, and views
- Quick search for finding settings or online help more easily
- Access or unmount USB/eSATA storage devices easily
- Built-in outgoing e-mail (SMTP) server support for Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo.com, etc.
- Each shared folder now contains a recycle bin
- Station Manager for enabling/disabling various stationsFile Station (replaces Web File Manager)
- Photo thumbnails for quick preview
- Displays local computer files for file upload and download
- Built-in video and music player
- Video transcoding (beta)
- File/folder sharing via download links
- File/folder compression/decompression
- Folders can be added to favorites for quick access

Photo Station 3
- Photo tagging, color labeling, and rating for quick search
- Timeline and folder views
- Animated video thumbnail for previews
- Shares photos and slideshows by email or URL
- Shares photos to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
- Supports mobile view (beta)

Music Station 4
- ID3 tag editor
- Static lyrics display
- Personal and shared playlists
- Built-in TuneIn Radio with over 70,000 live radio stations and podcasts
- Shares music by email or URL
- Shares music to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etcQNAP DLNA Server with transcoding support (beta)Media library
- Customizable media folders
- Supports Photo Station, Music Station, File Station, and QNAP DLNA server
- Video transcoding (via File Station control)AirPlay (via QAirplay app)
- Stream media files to Apple TV via web-based controller or QfilemyQNAPcloud (replaces MyCloudNAS service)
- Remote access with testing tool (account registration is required)- CloudLink for remote access without complicated router settings (beta)
- Device overview on myQNAPcloud.comBackup Station
- Consolidated backup center
- Smart Import for automatic photo and video import from connected digital cameras via the front USB port  with Media Transfer Protocol support (beta)
- Amazon S3 backup now supports Server Side Encryption and Reduced Redundancy StorageSurveillance Station Pro 3
- Improved user interface
- Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox browsers on Windows PCs
- Supports over 1200 IP cameras, including fisheye cameras and ImmerVision enabled Panomorph viewingApp Center with certified apps and beta labUtilities:
Qsync (beta)
- Data synchronization between Turbo NAS and Windows PCs
- Full sync and smart sync modes
- Selective folder synchronization
- Create download links for file sharing
- Team folder for collaboration
- Recycle binWindows Qfinder
- Enhanced user interface
- Standalone first-time NAS setup
- Resource monitor
- SMTP mail server configuration
- My favoritemyQNAPcloud Connect for Windows (replaces MyCloudNAS Connect)
- Easy and secure remote access via VPNMobile Apps: (available from the Apple App Store and Google Play)
- Qmusic
- Qfile HD for iPad
- Qfile
- Auto photo/video upload

- Thumbnail supportMisc.
- Network Recycle Bin will be enabled by default for future initialization
- Fixed Media Library compatibility issue with certain files

3.8.3 build0426

Note1: Firmware downgrade for TS-x12 series will be limited to v3.8.3 and higher.
Note2: The media database will be re-indexed for optimizing the Media Library.

Change log:

- Support Seagate 4TB Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 drive for Mac (STCB4000103)

- Updated the time zone of Minsk to GMT+03:00

- Removed Windows Live Messenger notification support due to Microsoft service termination

- Improved RTRR Real-time Mode stability while uploading large amounts of files concurrently

- Improved the compatibility with Citrix Xen Server if CHAP authentication is used

- Improved the stability of VAAI iSCSI

- Fixed the PDF or Adobe-related file, and ChronoSync (*.sync) file visibility issue with AFP connection

- Fixed the color label issue on AFP connection

- Fixed the auto-rescan issue when the NAS restarts if the Media Library is set in Manual Scan mode

- Fixed the login issue of new user accounts from Standalone Application Users in Multimedia/Photo/Music Stations

- Fixed the public album visibility issue in Multimedia Station when a new user account from System Users logs in

- Fixed the Wake-On-LAN (WOL) issue on TS-509/809 Pro

- Fixed inaccurate CPU temperature detection on some models

- Fixed the system error while deleting a new user account via CSV User Import function with Advanced Folder Permission enabled

- Fixed the Microsoft Networking Host Access Control wildcard issue in specific network configuration

- Fixed Amazon S3 backup issue when the file name contains [ or ]

- Fixed the Autorun.sh compatibility issue on ARM-based NAS

- Fixed the issue for truncated local & domain group name and permission settings if the name is over 40 characters long

- Fixed the “Relaunch upsd” issue

Note: TS-112, TS-212, TS-412 firmware cannot be downgraded after upgrading to firmware 3.8.3 or later.

3.8.2 build0301

Change log

- VMware VAAI support for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series

- VMware vSphere Client Plugin support for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series

- Windows Server 2012 Compatibility Certification for the TS-x79, x70U, and x69 series

- Amazon S3 cloud storage now supports objects greater than 2 GB

- AFP upgraded and data transfer performance enhancement on small files

- [x86] Kernel upgrade to 3.4.6 for the TS-x79, x70U, x59, x39, 509, 809, and SS-x39 series

- Updated Gigabit Ethernet drivers for the TS-x79 and x69 series

- PowerWalker USB UPS support (refer to the UPS compatibility list on the website for specific models)

- HDD Health now displays I/O history for the diagnostics

- Wireless LAN IP is displayed on LCD-equipped models

- Auto port-mapping support for multiple NAS setup in the Auto Router Configuration (connected via MyCloudNAS.com)

- Remote Replication UI enhancements

- Improvements to HFS+ compatibility

- UPnP Network Discovery security enhancements

- [ARM] The following kernel patches have been applied to the ARM-based models: CVE-2010-2521, CVE-2010-2248, CVE-2010-1162, CVE-2010-2478

- Fixed upload error in case of destination folder name containing ‘&’ in the Web File Manager

- Fixed non-stop media library scanning if the Music Station is disabled or changed to manual scanning

- For the Music Station, the finish time is added in the media library scanning schedule

Note1: The firmware can’t be downgraded on the TS-x69 series after upgrading to 3.8.2.

Note2: OpenSSL and OpenSSH upgrades are currently under internal development and testing. These updates will be included in the next major firmware version.

3.8.1 Build1205

[What's New]

- [TS-x69] Update kernel to 3.4.6

- [TS-x69] Support HD Station (XBMC media player, Chrome browser) for local display via HDMI

Applications –> HD Station


- Auto-detect default Gateway in dual-LAN models if only 1 LAN is used

- [TS-x69] Update BIOS to PR51

[Major bug fixes]

- Firmware upgrade could cause blank page on web administration in some condition

- Photo Station and Music Station became always enabled each time after NAS is restarted.

- QPKG Center could not correctly display the latest QPKGs

- [ARM] Download Station website subscription plug-in could not function

- HDD sleep mode did not function if Video Station, Download Station, or Surveillance Station is enabled.

3.8.0 Build1114

[What's new]

- Home portal with unified login

- Privilege control for local user accounts:

- Network services: CIFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV

- Applications: Music Station, Photo Station, Multimedia Station, and Web File Manager

- Music Station 3 with library support and Internet radio

- Video Station for web-based video broadcasting (QPKG)

- TV Station with DVB-T digital TV playback & recording (QPKG); compatible USB DVB-T tuner is required.

- Download Station with BT search, HTTPs download support, speed schedule, and per-task save folder

- Compatible only with QGet v3.0 or higher

- Surveillance Station Pro with 1 free license by default (QPKG)

- Proxy client settings for firmware live update, virus definition update, and QPKG Center

- Windows 8 compatible


- Browser-based setup now offers auto and manual modes

- Switch between system users and standalone users for Photo Station, Music Station, and Video Station

Note: Single sign-on is not supported for the services using standalone user accounts

- Photo Station: faster browsing and multi-photo management (copy, move, delete)

[Major bug fixes]

- Enhances Time Machine backup compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion

- [ARM] Improves Live Update stability

3.5.2 Build1126


TS-412: 3073047735

[What's New?]

- Symform cloud storage
- Upgraded built-in Townkymedia server from 5.1.6 to 6.0.34
- Upgraded iTunes server to support iTunes 10.5
- Added Hugarian, Romanian, Thai, Portuguese/Brazil, and Greek languages to Web UI


- [Advance ACL] Reduced time on Advanced Folder Permission application
- [AFP] Enhanced AFP and Time Machine compatibility with Mac OS X Lion
- [RTRR] RTRR supports Pure-ftpd server
- [Surveillance Station] Support the following new cameras: AXIS M1054, AXIS M1104, AXIS M1114, AXIS M3204(-V), D-Link 930L, D-Link 932L, Vivotek IP7160, Vivotek SD7151

[Major Bug Fixes]

- [Surveillance Station] Surveillance Station could not record on encrypted disk volume.

- [iSCSI] iSCSI configuration could not be restored by system configuration restore.

- [Printer] When multiple printers of the same model were connected to a NAS, only one of them would be recognized.

- [RTRR] If transfer was interrupted, temporary files would remain on the remote FTP server after file transfer was completed.

- [SNMP] SNMP info could not be received via the snmpwalk command from Mac.

- [Power Management] The actual power on/off schedule was inconsistent with the user settings.

- [NFS] In some case, NFS share could not be mounted through a NAT network (example, from virtual machine)

- [Service Binding] When Service Binding was enabled, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin services could not be enabled.

- [SAMBA & AFP] SAMBA and AFP services could fail when the disk volume is 100% full.

- [Download Station] Rapidshare concurrent download task is limited to one at a time to fix the unexpected failures on all subsequent jobs.

3.5.1 Build1002


TS-412: 3848244963

[What's New?]

- None


- [AFP] Shortened the waiting time to connect to the NAS from Mac OS X 10.7 Lion via the AFP protocol.

- [LDAP] Enhanced the compatibility with Apple Open Directory.

- [RTRR] The real-time remote replication feature supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion FTP server.

- [Web File Manager] Moving the files on the same disk volume by Web File Manager becomes faster.

[Major Bug Fixes]

- [ACL] Folder owner permission became invalid after changing the upper layer folder permission.

- [AD] Users cannot login Active Directory when the password contains a space character.

- [iSCSI] An iSCSI LUN larger than 2TB cannot be formatted by regular format on Windows.

- [Access Right Management] The user group members became invalid after one of the user accounts was deleted.

- [Access Right Management] The host access control settings for an external drive cannot be stored after system reboot.

- [Download Station] Fixed the connection issue with RapidShare.com for file download.

- [LDAP] The LDAP group list cannot display UTF-8 characters correctly.

- [Wi-Fi] The gateway cannot be changed to Wireless LAN on single LAN ARM-based NAS models.

- [Surveillance Station] Added missing camera models from 3.5.0, D-Link DCS-900(A/ B1/ B2) and Panasonic BL-C111.

3.5.0 Build0816


TS-412: 26906659

[What's New?]

- Mac OS X Lion compatible including Time Machine

- iSCSI LUN backup with one-time snapshot

- Antivirus

- Service binding

- LDAP client

- Syslog server

- RADIUS server

- TFTP server

- External drive encryption

- System alert notification via Windows Live Messenger

- Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) for ARM-based NAS


- MyCloudNAS 1.1 supporting private access via QCloud Access Code for selected users on MyCloudNAS.com web portal

- Enhanced DHCP server supporting TFTP and PXE boot

- Enhanced external drive backup with multiple drive support

Note: All previously created backup jobs will be deleted.

- New Camera support list for Surveillance Station (http://www.qnap.com/pro_compatibility_camera.asp)

- New UPnP router support list for auto-router configuration (http://www.qnap.com/pro_compatibility_Router.asp)

[Major Bug Fixes]

- [AD] When advanced folder permission is enabled, the domain group permission for Microsoft office files on the NAS will be removed after one of the domain group users modifies the files.

- [FTP] The default SSL secure certificate will be shown as expired when connecting to the NAS via FTP over SSL/TLS (explicit).

- [Wi-Fi Network] The GUI will remain on configuration after the wireless network setting has been changed.

- [Wi-Fi Network] The Wi-Fi network cannot be reconnected automatically.

- [Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T.] Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. test will be aborted as an internal hard drive of the NAS enters standby mode.

- [Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T.] Incorrect display of hard drive model for Kingston SV100S2 128G solid-state drive (SSD) on the hard drive S.M.A.R.T. page. (TS-110, TS-112)

- [Q-RAID 1] Inconsistent file system format when configuring an external drive and a local hard drive on the NAS as Q-RAID 1. (1-bay NAS)

- [Import User] Auto-logout when importing user with Internet Explorer 9.

- [Surveillance Station] Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected when selecting the channel in Live View page.

3.4.4 Build0718


TS-412: 238623110

[What's New?]

- none


- [ElephantDrive] ElephantDrive version updated to v2.1.5.

- [AFP] Added “AFP DHX2 support” to allow access to the NAS from Mac OS X Lion 10.7. The Time Machine backup for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 will be ready on the official firmware v3.5.0.

- [RAID Management] RAID 10 performance has been improved.

[Major Bug Fixes]

- Random dropping of hard drives during system startup for the NAS using certain models of Hitachi and Seagate hard drives, including ST2000DL003, HDS723020BLA642, HDS723030ALA640.

- [AD] The NAS cannot join the Active Directory if the domain user name used to join the AD domain contains Russian characters.

- [AD] If Active Directory authentication error occurred, users can update the NAS firmware to v3.4.4 and join the NAS to the AD domain again to solve this problem.

- [AD] Domain users cannot access a subfolder after the local admin permission has been removed from the folder.

- [AD] The shared folders cannot be accessed by the domain groups after re-applying the shared folder permission.

- [RAID Management] The NAS will not rebuild a RAID volume if the encrypted volume is locked.

- [SAMBA] Turning on or off the printer will cause Samba disconnection and interrupt ongoing data transfer.

- [SAMBA] File name rename issue by using Windows 7 Windows Explorer.

- [RSYNC] Backup by Rsync failed when synchronizing a single large file and the file content is different between the source and the destination.

- [Network UPS] The NAS server which is configured as network UPS master failed to inform the network UPS slave to shut down when a critical power event occurred.

[Known Issues]

- [Surveillance Station] The IP camera Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected when selecting the channel on the Live View page.

- [AD] When advanced folder permission is enabled, the domain group permission for Microsoft office files on the NAS will be removed after one of the domain group users modifies the files.

3.4.3 Build0520


TS-412: 1174849715

[What's New?]

- none


- [Web admin] Enhance the compatibility with Internet Explorer 9.

- [iSCSI] Enhance the iSCSI function to support Broadcom BCM5709C NetXtreme II C-NIC Adapter

- [External Device] Improve disk allocation performance when partitioning an external hard drive

[Major Bug Fixes]

- [AD] Incorrect display of the names of the files and folders uploaded by the domain users via Windows Explorer

- [AD] Disconnection of Active Directory in some conditions

- [iSCSI] The iSNS server IP does not accept host name

- [UPS] Incorrect UPS information when using APC UPS with SNMP Management Protocol

- [UPS] The NAS cannot resume automatically from auto-protection mode after the UPS power is restored

- [Disk Management] Supports RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration using hard drives of larger than 2 TB in some special conditions

- [Download Station] The NAS cannot download files with RapidShare premium account

- [Hardware] Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 hard drives cannot enter standby mode

- [Network Recycle Bin] Files deleted by Samba cannot be moved to the network recycle bin when Advance Folder Permissions are enabled

- [Power Management] The NAS restarts automatically after scheduled power off when waking the NAS by Wake on LAN

- [Printer Server] Unexpected printing error with the USB printer service

- [Web File Manager] Web File Manager cannot extract files which contain special characters

[Known Issues]

- [AD] Domain users cannot access a subfolder after local admin permission has been removed from the folder

- [Surveillance Station] Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected when selecting the channel in Live View page.

3.4.2 Build0331


TS-412: 3525393239

[What's New?]

- none


- [Backup] The Time Machine quota settings can be reassigned when the free disk space is less than quota space.
- [External Device] The network UPS option is disabled for YEC UPS since this brand does not support network UPS.

[Major Bug Fixs]

- [iSCSI] Allow using host name instead of iSNS server IP address.

- [iSCSI] Login name/password cannot be reserved after re-enabling the CHAP/Mutual CHAP authentication.

- [iSCSI] The iSCSI LUN cannot be connected with GlobalSAN iSCSI Initiator version 4.1.0.

- [Access Right Management] Files cannot be moved to the Network Recycle Bin if Advanced Folder Permissions are enabled.

- [Access Right Management] Files cannot be uploaded to the default network shares due to incorrect folder permission.

- [Access Right Management] Update the online help of share folders.

- [Network Service] Out of memory issue caused by eaccelerator.tmp

- [Backup] The filter of the maximum file size does not work with the RTRR function.

[Known Issues]

- [Surveillance Station] Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected when selecting the channel in Live View page.

3.4.1 Build0315


TS-412: 1794531648

[What's New?]

- Support Global Hot Spare for 4-bay and above NAS models



- [Microsoft Networking] Samba security patch CVE-2011-0719.

   * http://samba.org/samba/security/CVE-2011-0719.html

- [Download Station] Enhanced BitTorrent upload and download performance.

- [Download Station] Add a new option for BitTorrent download: max upload rate per torrent.

- [Download Station] Modified the default value of “global maximum number of connections” from 100 to 300.

- [iSCSI Target] IBM AIX support (Some additional settings on AIX are required).

- Prevent “File system not clean” event by stopping all processes (e.g. iPKG) before system restart.


[Major Bug Fixs]

- [Printer Server] Fixed the printer server issue that only allowed the admin user to print.

- [iSCSI Target] Fixed the iSCSI disconnection issue caused by multiple connections to iSCSI LUNs.

- Fixed the issue of NAS reboot or network disconnection after the NAS is idle for a period of time. 


[Known Issues]

- [Surveillance Station] Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected when selecting the channel in Live View page.

3.4.0 Build0212


TS-412: 596190956

[What's New?]

- RAID 10

- Advanced Subfolder Permission (File/Directory ACL)

- Microsoft Networking (Samba) Host Access Control

- Support USB Wi-Fi adapter

* Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible USB Wi-Fi adapter

* Support various encryption standards


> WPA-Personal (AES or TKIP encryption types)

> WPA2-Personal (AES encryption)

* Connect to a wireless network or create a wireless Ad Hoc network

- Download Station v2 & QGet v2

* Brand New AJAX-based GUI

* Support Broadcatching (RSS download)

* Subscribe to RSS feeds

* RSS Download Manager(filter)

* Selectable Download Files

* Account settings for HTTP/ FTP/ RapidShare Download

* Better Performance & Bandwidth Control

* Better Seeding Mechanism

* Configurable download location (global)

* Support Multiple URLs in One Task

- MyCloudNAS Remote Access

* MyCloudNAS Wizard

* MyCloudNAS Configuration & Service Publishing

* Auto Router Configurati

- Support User Import/ Export for Multiple QNAP NAS Deployment

- Cloud Backup

* Amazon S3

* ElephantDrive


- Support iSCSI LUN online expansion

- Google Docs support in Web File Manager (Supported format: pdf,tif/tiff,ppt,doc,xls,pptx,docx,xlsx,svg,odt)

- Support AD Configuration Wizard for easy setup

- Use flotr charts in ‘disk usage’ and ‘bandwidth transfer’ instead of Flash

- Upgrade PHP to 5.2.14

- Upgrade extjs to 3.3.0

- Enhanced Virtual Disk

* Support EXT3/ EXT4/ NTFS/ FAT32/ HFS+

* Support multipe LUNs (in one iSCSI target)

- Enhanced Printer Server

* Support Internet Printing protocol

* Printer Management

* Apple Bonjour Printing

- Turkish Support

[Major Bug Fixes]

- Fixed the error log message “Power has returned to UPS. Cancelling shutdown”.

- Stability issue of LAN 2 on TS-410/412/419/419P+(U).

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