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I – What is NAS device?

II – There Are Lots Of NAS Brands at Market, It’s Hard to Decide Which Device Is The Best..

III – What Does Qnap Offers? What Makes Qnap Special?;

IV – Qnap : Fastest NAS Device at NAS Market


I – What is NAS device?

NAS, Network Attach Storage, is a data storage device running over the network. Very simply, think that it as an external hard drive that works with an ethernet cable.

Standard Technology – What is NAS?

Centralised storage for your home or office

Understanding Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (commonly abbreviated to NAS) are hard disk storage devices which you can connect to your home or office network. They enable multiple computers in a network to share the same storage space at once.

ccess to the NAS device is over a computer network (usually via TCP/IP) rather than being directly connected to the computer (as in internal hard drives or external USB/SCSI drives).

The NAS devices are assigned an IP address and are accessed by clients (PCs or laptops) via a server that acts as a gateway to the data (this server is within the NAS device and hence NAS devices are often referred to as NAS servers).

Why use NAS?

Three main advantages for using NAS:

  • ExpandabilitySimply add another NAS device to expand the available storage if you need more storage space.
  • Fault toleranceNAS brings an extra level of fault tolerance to your network. Fault tolerant measures such as RAID prevent the NAS device from becoming a point of failure. NAS systems often contain more than one hard disk drive; they are arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays for added redundancy/security – thus, protecting data in the case of disk failure.
  • File sharingWhether you are a home, small office or business user, NAS devices allow you to share large amounts of data with other PCs or laptops in your network – easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


How can NAS benefit you?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is becoming a powerful and proven technology for storing and sharing data in an office or home network. The increasing demand for NAS is fuelled by a number of factors:

  • Cost benefitYou can now add storage to your network without upgrading or replacing existing servers – which can be an expensive option. NAS offers an affordable and expandable solution for end-users requiring network shared storage in a home or office environment. NAS architecture allows you to add storage on the network without having to buy a new and bigger server or upgrading it. NAS is therefore, an effective strategy for extending your existing investment in server technology.
  • Administrative convenienceNAS offers a simple solution: store and share photos, files, music or videos from one central location and make it accessible to anyone with a PC or laptop in home or office network.NAS-based storage offers administrative features that simplify or reduce manual disk expansion and archiving functions, user and application partitioning, data protection, and other time-consuming storage maintenance activities.
  • Greater data reliabilityNAS devices with more than one hard drive bring an extra level of fault tolerance to the network as many offer mirroring RAID features and functionality.ely.


II – There Are Lots Of NAS Brands at Market, It’s Hard to Decide Which Device Is The Best..

If you’r confused about choosing NAS device for your campany or home usage, you can chek popular NAS devices from this links;


Qnap NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo : Live Demo 2 – Asia (Port 8080)

Account: qnap / Password: qnap


Synology NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo

Account: admin / Password: synology


Thecus NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo

User name: thecus / Password: thecus


NetGear (ReadyNAs) NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo :


Buffalo NAS Solutions;

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Netapp NAS Solution :

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


EMC NAS Solution

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Sans Digital NAS Solutions:

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Hewlett Packard :

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Seagate BlackArmor:

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


My Opinion : I can easly advice you Qnap as an end-user -Not because I work at Qnap support- but if you still confused about which NAS brand to choose, you can find why;


III – What Does Qnap Offers? What Makes Qnap Special?;

Qnap NAS devices are one of the best and most staible device on market. Some NAS devices are only used for sharing datas but with very low Read/Write speed, some is not so staible, some device got problem on FTP usage.

Qnap’s marketing plan is based on adding new features fot costmer satisfaction. For example, with only a single firmware update -just like 3.5.1 Firmware- Qnap can add really great features just like Free Antivirus, ISCSI Lun Snapshot Feature, MSN Alert Feature, Syslog Server or Mac OS X Lion Support.

Best part is, Qnap still supports 2-3 years old device with this Firmware Updates, and its totlay free.


Qnap Smart NAS Device Offers

+ Eco-Friendly, Created for 7/24 Silent Designed Large Space For Movie, Mp3 & Datas Protected On Secure, Managable and Expandable RAID Build!

+ Reliable Storage, Blazing Fast Performance With SAS / Sata 6Gb/s, SSD & USB 3.0 Support

+ Backup Your Files On Windows, Machintosh or Linux On Qnap NAS Easly & Never Loose Data With 2-Way-Qnap-Syncronization and Amazon / ElephantDrive / Dropbox / Google Drive Backup Options

+ Have Your Own Free FTP Server & Cloud Solution With QnapMyCloud And Access, Manage, Edit, Stream or Share Your Personal Data Anywhere, Anytime!

+ Have your Own Dropbox / Google Sync Without Storage Size Limitations With QSync!

+ Have Your Own Perfect Home Theatre System With XBMC & DLNA Support, Watch Thousands Of Live TV Around The World Free!

+ With Qnap Fast, Silence & Created to Work 7/24 Feature, Never Stop Your Torrend & Rapidshare Downloads Aynmore:

+ Create Your Virtual Photo Album, Movies, Mp3 Lists And Share With Your Friends On Social Media Just Like Facebook

+ Access & Manage Your Qnap Via Cell Phone Applications

+ Create & Give Access to Your Users, Keep Security at Max With Antivirus, VPN Server, IP-Based Blocking

+ Professional NVR With Surveillance Station Pro With 2/4 Free IP Camera Lisance

+ Host Your Own Website With PhpMyadmin / MySQL Server and Multihosting Feature (Up to 20), Have Your Own Mail Server or SIP Server!

+ Raise Your Productivity With Printer Server, Signage Station, NoteStaion Features

+ Qnap Development Platform: Create Your Software, Share With Millions Of Qnap Users & Grow Your Busines With Us!

+ With User Friendly Interface With Easy Installation & Manage Features Qnap is The Simply Best NAS Solution For Home & SOHO Users On Market


Qnap NAS Solutions Reviews;

Best Features on 1st semester 2012– 59 Hardware (FR) (2012/06/06)»

TS-419P II“The TS-419P II is a masterpiece. In fact, all the 4-bay NAS from QNAP are the best devices and worth possessing.”

Editor’s Choice – DigitalReviews (Australia) (2012/06/04)»

TS-EC879U-RP“This particular unit, the TS-EC879U-RP, is the most outstanding member of that illustrious family of NAS units. Speed and capacity abound in this machine.”

Recommended by PC World–PC World (FR) (2012/06/01)»

TS-259 Pro +“The TS-259Pro + will be enough to satisfy the most faultfinding users. It is a very complete NAS that can run well in strained environment. In our opinion, the TS-259Pro + is the best of NAS we have tested.”

Platinum Award – Nikk Tech (US)(2012/05/02)»

TS-259 Pro+“TS-259 Pro+ is a real gem in the NAS world and that’s why it gets our Platinum award.”

Recommended Award -IT PRO (UK)(2012/4/20)»

TS-EC1279U-RP“The storage features in QNAP’s NAS appliances just keep on getting better and its cloud services are currently the best available.” (USA): Editor’s Choice (Must Have) Award:

“.. QNAP firmware updates and advanced features of software packages that adds a best in class, no brand can not do better than that, I can tell that after testing the TS-659 Pro II, no brand is not even close to it.

Also You Check our Awards Page for Latest Qnap Reviews;


IV – Qnap : Fastest RAID 5 NAS Device at NAS Market

If you check link down below, Qnap Ts-469 P provides fastest Data transfer Raitings with RAID 5 / 6 building at market. (RAID 0 never used at 4 HDD models and RAID 5 is most popular RAID system.)

Ps : Somehow Tomshardware Remove Ts-x69 series and add Ts-x59 -which is slower than x69-, but still, Qnap is the best;,87.html

Copy Directory from NAS:

Copy Files to NAS

HD Playback and Recording




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6 Responses to Pre-Sales Support

  1. Help me I delete volume from raid 5 .is posible recover.

  2. burado51 says:

    Its a little bit hard but yes, you can recover deleted file by R-Studio or Photorec;

  3. QNAP management is available via my Google Chrome browser. The device, connected to a private LAN (192.168.x.y/ The QNAP TVS 871 is connected via all four LAN ports to a D-Link Smart Switch. The Smart Switch is directly connected to a Cisco Managed Switch. Yet: (1) QNAP continues to ask for privileges to run iSCSI (which I do not use); (2) QNAP fails the AVG security firewall. To use the Qfinder Pro application, I must disable my firewall; (3) QNAP / AVG state that the certificate provided by the QNAP TVS 871 has an invalid security certificate; (4) When I disable my firewall, and bypass the warnings, I get the QNAP management desktop. Then, for unknown reasons, the connection to the QNAP is broken and I am told the device is NOT RESPONDING; (5) I obviously purchased a device that is defective, so how do I get a total refund? Thank you, Andrew.

  4. Bengt Eriksson says:


    How can I get an older version of Surveillance Station ? 3.5.2 for example.


  5. wilson says:

    I have QNAP TS-259 ( not pro or pro+ ). I can’t see this model from QNAP support site. Instead, I only see TS-259pro / TS-259pro+.

    I want to setup my TS-259 for TimeMachine, is there a way to do that? I don’t see the “TimeMachine” option listed when I logged into my NAS.


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