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I – What is NAS device?

II – Other NAS Brands At Market;

III – What Does Qnap Offers?;

IV – Qnap : Fastest NAS Device at NAS Market

V – What Makes Qnap Special?;

VI – Milestones in Qnap’s History;


I – What is NAS device?

NAS, Network Attach Storage, is a data storage device running over the network. Very simply, think that it as an external hard drive that works with an ethernet cable.


II – There are lots of NAS Brands at Market, It’s Hard to Decide which device is the best?

If you’r confused about choosing NAS device for your campany or home usage, you can chek popular NAS devices from this links;


Qnap NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo : Live Demo 2 – Asia (Port 8080)

Account: qnap / Password: qnap


EMC NAS Solution :

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Netapp NAS Solution :

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Synology NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo :

Account: admin / Password: synology


Buffalo NAS Solutions;

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Thecus NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo :

User name: thecus / Password: thecus


NetGear (ReadyNAs) NAS Solutions :

Live Interface Demo :


Sans Digital NAS Solutions:

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Hewlett Packard :

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


Seagate BlackArmor:

Live Interface Demo : Not Yet


My Opinion : I can easly advice you Qnap as an end-user -Not because I work at Qnap support- but if you still confused about which NAS brand to choose, you can find NAS devices Reviews links down below;


III – What Does Qnap Offers?;

+Cross-Platform File Sharing (Windows, Linux and Mac Users can work on same device)

+RAID data Protection with easy RAID 1/5/6/10 Setup Features and RAID Recovery option, Enhanced Read-Only Protection (read-only protection mode in case the bad block error happens on the second failed disk of RAID 5 or third failed disk of RAID 6, allowing the IT administrator to rescue critical data.)

+Expandability with RAID Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration Features,

+Advance System Managment with Alert Notification, Resource Monitoring, System Logs, Hard Disk SMART test, Network UPS support, Telnet / SSH

+Remote Access with Web File Manager, WebDAV, DDNS, MyCloudNas Service and Secure Connection

+Application servers just likeMultimediaCenter, Photo center,MusicCenter,VideoCenter, Download Server & Qget, Web server, Backup Server, Printer Server, Surveillance Station, MySQL Server, and QPKG Software Expansion

+Eco-Friendly Design with Hard Disk Standby, Scheduled on / off and Wake on LAN, Smart Fan

+Support Cloud Computing with Real-time data backup to ElephantDrive cloud storage & recovery

+Mobile Access from Android & iOS Based Devices with Qfile, Qmobile, and Qmanager Softwares

+IP SAN (iSCSI) support for VMWare, Hyper-V and Citrix

+Advance Security with User Access Rights, Ip Based Blocking, Encrypted Volume, Antivirus Features

+Complete Backup Solution just like Remote Replication, External Device Backup and Netbak Replicator for Disaster Recovery

+Digital Home Applications, just like creating & sharing your Photographs, Videos and Music Files.

+Create & Publish your Own Website

+4 TB HDD Support on eachDriveBay, (up to 64 Tb storage capacity), with 209 mb Read / 169 MB write speed. (This speed is based on device process, please check products)


IV – Qnap : Fastest RAID 5 NAS Device at NAS Market

If you check link down below, Qnap Ts-469 P provides fastest Data transfer Raitings with RAID 5 / 6 building at market. (RAID 0 never used at 4 HDD models and RAID 5 is most popular RAID system.)

Ps : Somehow Tomshardware Remove Ts-x69 series and add Ts-x59 -which is slower than x69-, but still, Qnap is the best;,87.html

Copy Directory from NAS:

Copy Files to NAS

HD Playback and Recording

V – What Makes Qnap Special?;

Qnap NAS devices are one of the best and most staible device on market. Some NAS devices are only used for sharing datas but with very low Read/Write speed, some is not so staible, some device got problem on FTP usage.

Qnap’s marketing plan is based on adding new features fot costmer satisfaction. For example, with only a single firmware update -just like 3.5.1 Firmware- Qnap can add really great features just like Free Antivirus, ISCSI Lun Snapshot Feature, MSN Alert Feature, Syslog Server or Mac OS X Lion Support.

Best part is, Qnap still supports 2-3 years old device with this Firmware Updates, and its totlay free.

Qnap NAS Solutions Reviews;

Best Features on 1st semester 2012– 59 Hardware (FR) (2012/06/06)»

TS-419P II“The TS-419P II is a masterpiece. In fact, all the 4-bay NAS from QNAP are the best devices and worth possessing.”

Editor’s Choice – DigitalReviews (Australia) (2012/06/04)»

TS-EC879U-RP“This particular unit, the TS-EC879U-RP, is the most outstanding member of that illustrious family of NAS units. Speed and capacity abound in this machine.”

Recommended by PC World–PC World (FR) (2012/06/01)»

TS-259 Pro +“The TS-259Pro + will be enough to satisfy the most faultfinding users. It is a very complete NAS that can run well in strained environment. In our opinion, the TS-259Pro + is the best of NAS we have tested.”

Platinum Award – Nikk Tech (US)(2012/05/02)»

TS-259 Pro+“TS-259 Pro+ is a real gem in the NAS world and that’s why it gets our Platinum award.”

Recommended Award -IT PRO (UK)(2012/4/20)»

TS-EC1279U-RP“The storage features in QNAP’s NAS appliances just keep on getting better and its cloud services are currently the best available.” (USA): Editor’s Choice (Must Have) Award:

“.. QNAP firmware updates and advanced features of software packages that adds a best in class, no brand can not do better than that, I can tell that after testing the TS-659 Pro II, no brand is not even close to it.

Also You Check our Awards Page for Latest Qnap Reviews;


VI – Milestones in Qnap’s History;

Founded in 2004, QNAP has excelled at hardware design and software engineering, and brought to market numerous remarkable technologies and products ahead in the industry.

Products Year Features
  • Launched 3U rackmount Turbo NAS TS-x79 series with Intel® Xeon®Quad Core CPU, Intel® Core® i3 Dual Core CPU, 10GbE LAN port, and 16 drive supports.
  • Launched RAID Expansion Enclosure as NAS capacity expansion solution for Turbo NAS TS-x79 series.
  • Launched high-end SMB Turbo NAS TS-x79 series with Intel® Xeon®Quad Core CPU, Intel® Core® i3 Dual Core CPU, and 10GbE LAN port.
  • Launched RTRR (Real-time Remote Replication) NAS data backup support.
  • Business level Turbo NAS TS-x59 series passed VMware® Ready and Citrix® Ready verification.
  • Launched MyCloudNAS service.
  • Launched high performance Turbo NAS TS-x39 series with Intel® AtomCPU and TS-809 series with Intel®Core 2 Duo CPU.
  • Supported virtualization integration services with iSCSI support.
  • Supported third-party cloud backup for enhanced NAS data security.
  • Launched four-drive Turbo NAS model TS-409, ahead in the industry to offer RADI level migration and capacity expansion, the five-drive Turbo NAS model TS-509 Pro with LCM display.
  • Introduced the integrated Log System and Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).
  • Launched two-drive Turbo NAS model TS-201, ahead in the industry to offer hot-swappable drive carriers.
  • Launched Turbo NAS TS-101, which is the first NAS with SATA interface in the world, and exclusively provides Q-RAID1 configuration for single drive model for data protection.
  • Integrated Multimedia Station and Download Station, taking the lead in multifunctional NAS.
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