How To Backup Datas Directly To Qnap Without Using Party Software

I – Filezilla FTP Server Setup & Configration

II – RTRR Configration On Qnap


I – Filezilla FTP Server Setup & Configration

FileZilla Server Interface provides not only the convenience of creating and managing users, it also lets you set the read/write access parameters for each user, so that clients can’t exploit the data which is being shared. Apart from users, you can create Groups, which help you combine users into different categories. The Groups feature brings the ease of setting data read/write permissions and options including bypass user limit of servermax connection countenable/disable SSL for user login, max data transfer speed limit etc, over all the users that belong to the group. This makes it easy to configure and define access parameters for users of same type. For instance, you can create a work group for office client PCs. Once group is created, you can add as many client PCs as you want to the group, without having to manually specify the shared locations and define user login settings.

Setting up Filezilla FTP Server is easy. Once installed, launch the Server Interface and specify localhost ( as server address, and then enter administration password. You can also the change default port 14147, but we don’t recommend changing it unless it’s being used by other application/service for listening connections. Once done, click OK to open FileZilla FTP Server main screen.

connect server1

2 – Create a User: (My User/Pass: qnap)

filezilla server 1

3 – Choose your FTP folder whicch you want to backup

filezilla server 2

4 – If you get this error message; Just remove “new directory”

filezilla server 3


II – RTRR Configration On Qnap

1 – Login Qnap as Admin. Go to Backup -> Remote Replication -> Realtime Remote Replication. Choose “Remote folder to local folder” and click next


2 – Use Configrations Down Below;


3 – Choose your files to backup at left side (at this scenario C:\FTP Folder), and your Backup older on Qnap at right side


4 – Choose your backup Method


5 – Simply start backup process once manually;



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