Qnap Gmail Problem; Why Can I Not Send Notification Emails After Setting A Gmail Account As An Smtp Server?

Before QTS 4.2.0

1. When Gmail is set as an SMTP Server, you may see the following error message when trying to send a test email.


2. Log in to your Gmail account and you will see a “Sign in attempt prevented” error message.


3. You will need to change the “Privacy” settings of your Gmail account.


4. Choose “My Account”.


5. Choose “Sign-in & security” > “Connected apps & sites”.


6. Enable “Allow less secure apps”.


7. After changing this setting, retry sending a test email and it should work.


After QTS 4.2.1

QTS 4.2.1 requires OAuth 2.0 authentication for Gmail accounts. You can use this mechanism directly to solve this problem.

1. Go to “Control Panel” > “Notification” > “E-mail” and set the e-mail account to Gmail.


2. Click “Add account” to start OAuth 2.0 authentication for Gmail. In the verification page, choose the account you want to use and then click “Allow” to finish the process.


3. The system will automatically help you to enter your e-mail address. If you want to change the account, click “Change account” and go through the same process in Step 2.


If you have already set up a Gmail account before updating your firmware to QTS 4.2.1 (or above), the system will keep your original e-mail address and the authentication method. If you want to use the new mechanism, please manually set up your Gmail account again.


If Problem Still Exist;

gmail advice

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