How To Update Qnap Firmware

I – Before Starting

II – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnapfinder

III – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnap Interface

IV – How to Upgrade Firmware With Putty

V – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnap Live Update Feature

VI – Trouble Wih hDownloading Qnap Firmware?

VII – Qnap Firmware Update Troubleshooting;

VIII – I Got Problem With Installing Qnap Fimrware / Qnap Firmware Seem as 1.0.0 (1119T) Firmware, How Can I Fix This Problem?


I – Before Starting

For Firmware Update, you must have an installed System. You cant update Firmware without any HDD installed, except some models.

You can updgrade firmware By 4 ways;

First Download Qnap Firmware From

After Download completes, unzip image file to your desktop;


II – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnapfinder

Open Qnapfinder, choose your Qnap. At the top of the menus, choose tools ->firmware Update. This is the best,easiest and safe way to update,

Update Firmware by Finder

The NAS firmware can be updated by the QNAP Finder. Select a NAS model and choose “Update Firmware” from the “Tools” menu.

Login the NAS as an administrator.


Browse and select the firmware for the NAS. Click “Start” to update the system.


Note: The NAS servers of the same model on the same LAN can be updated by the Finder at the same time. Administrator access is required for system update.


III – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnap Interface

Login Qnap and go Administration page ->firmware update and show your Qnap image file.

Update Firmware by Web Administration Page

Note: If the system is running properly, you do not need to update the firmware.

Before updating the system firmware, make sure the product model and firmware version are correct. Follow the steps below to update firmware:

1. Download the release notes of the firmware from the QNAP website Read the release notes carefully to make sure it is required to update the firmware.
2. Download the NAS firmware and unzip the IMG file to the computer.
3. Before updating the system firmware, back up all the disk data on the NAS to avoid any potential data loss during the system update.
4. Click “Browse” to select the correct firmware image for the system update. Click “Update System” to update the firmware.

The system update may take tens of seconds to several minutes to complete depending on the network connection status. Please wait patiently. The NAS will inform you when the system update has completed.


IV – How to Upgrade Firmware With Putty

1 – Download Qnap firmware, and unzip it to Public Folder. Your Unzipped Image file should be looking like this : 809U_3.4.2_Build0331.img

2 – Login Qnap via Putty and type this commands;

# mkdir /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update

# mv /share/Public/TS-809U_3.4.2_Build0331.img /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update/

# ln -sf /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update /mnt/update

# /etc/init.d/ /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update/TS-809U_3.4.2_Build0331.img

just reboot the device with this command;

# reboot

From :


Also Offical Wikipedi Update Process;



V – How to Upgrade Firmware With Qnap Live Update Feature

Trust me and stay away from this option. But If you want to learn how;

Live Update

Select “Enable live update” to allow the NAS to automatically check if a new firmware version is available for download from the Internet. If a new firmware is found, you will be notified after logging in the NAS as an administrator.

Click “CHECK FOR UPDATE” to check if any firmware update is available.

Note that the NAS must be connected to the Internet for these features to work.


VI – Trouble With Downloading Qnap Firmware?

First, go, then Support ->Download

Choose your NAS device from Category, and your NAS model at the right Dropdown menu. If your device model is not in that list, Choose “Archive” from the left dropdown menu.

You can Choose older firmware if you want. Download from Europe;

After Download completes, you can Install Firmware.


VII – Qnap Firmware Update Troubleshooting;

Qnap gives error when I try to install firmware;

Make sure you have an installed device, then try to update firmware

Make sure you download right firmware. Ts-459 and Ts-459U firmware is not the same thing.

If you still get probem about installing firmeware, Please contact with Qnap support.

Qnap Firmware Stuck at %20;

Download a lower Firmware version from this link;

Choose an older Firmware with swithing right dropdown menu with “All”

Restart Qnap and try firmware update again.


VIII – I Got Problem With Installing Qnap Fimrware / Qnap Firmware Seem as 1.0.0 (1119T) Firmware, How Can I Fix This Problem?


How to Fix;

  1. This procedures are used to update the flash / DOM (disk on module) firmware on the NAS.
  2. Make sure no HDD installed before update.
  3. Flash image are required for NAS with 16MB flash or 128MB DOM.
  4. For NAS with 512MB DOM, just use the firmware on QNAP download site (
  5. This updated procedures are generally used when the NAS can be found by QNAP Finder but cannot be initialized with HDD(s).
  6. QNAP NAS also store firmware on the HDDs. If you have initialized the NAS with HDDs before, this update procedures will cause the firmware version mismatch between the NAS and the HDDs. You need to update the firmware again after boot up with HDDs installed.

Download link of the flash image:



TS-112, TS-112P

TS-119, TS-119P+, TS-119PII




TS-212, TS-212P, TS-212-E

TS-219, TS-219P, TS-219P+, TS-219PII







TS-419P, TS-419P+, TS-419PII

TS-419U, TS-419U+, TS-419UII















2 – Update Procedures:

  1. Power off the NAS
  2. Remove all the HDDs
  3. Power on the NAS
  4. After a short beep and a long beep(about two minutes after first short beep), run the QNAP Finder(Make sure the Finder is the latest version).
  5. QNAP Finder should find the NAS and its IP
  6. Select the NAS and click “Tools” -> “Update Firmware”

Firmware 2

  1. Input default username and password (admin/admin)
  2. Select the image files on your PC for the NAS.

Firmware 3

  1. After firmware update, the NAS will be reboot.
  2. Make sure the firmware have been updated
  3. Power off the NAS
  4. Plug all the HDD back
  5. After power on, follow the messages on the Finder to initialize the NAS.

From :

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5 Responses to How To Update Qnap Firmware

  1. Selso says:

    There are steps missing in the putty procedure the /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update/ directoy does not exists.
    Meanwhile I tought you made a mistake by using update_pkg directory and unable to log to NAS now.
    Its is better to point to this procedure.

  2. burado51 says:


  3. Jan says:

    Remove Battery!

    In my case, non of the recovery methods worked. i had a broken firmware because of an failed update.
    i was able to boot up the qnap 212 without harddisks and need to push reset button while pushing power button for some seconds until it beeps twice. then qnap boots up with dhcp and resettet password and so an. then connect with qfinder and try firmware update with and without harddisks. it always stopped with some error that its unalbe to write firmware because of some network error. makes no sense…

    in my case this worked: when you unscrew the green circuit board, theres a battery on the backside. take it out, pull the powercable and wait a few minutes. after that, put the battery back in, boot up the qnap holding reset button pushed until it beeps twice, take qfinder, connect an harddisk (sorry, data lost) an run the config assistant including firmware update.

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