Backup Job Unsupported Filenames Problem: “Warning: Skip the /nas/Backup/folder1/.streams” file which has an unsupported filename!


After 2 or 3 Sync, the App create a hidden folder .streams. After this, the Backup Jobs stop with warnings:
# WARNING: Skip the “mnt/RTRR_CIFS/$DATA” file which has an unsupported filename!

The .streams folder is not allways in the same subfolder. One time it is in folder 1, one time it is in folder 3, on time its in more than one folder.
After this, I must delete the folder .streams from folder folderX/ and from HERE: “mnt/RTRR_CIFS/”

What can I make to solved this problem?




It is caused by metadata files of Mac OS or Windows. You can exclude them by editing the job policy and add a filter to ignore unsupported filenames. For example, Filter > Exclude file types > Others > DS_Store, /@*, /.*

 qnap unsupported filename


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