quick.cgi Problem & How to Solve?


1 – Each time I log in to Qnap interface, I get a pop up “opening quick.cgi” and cannot login Qnap;


2- I recently upgraded my TS 212 to version 3.8.0 (2012114) of the firmware. I also activated the mycloudnas service. The new GUI from the firmware upgrade is fantastic, however, each time I log in I get a pop up “opening quick.cgi” (attached)? All I have to do is hit cancel and continue to log in ie everthing works fine!. Is there any reason for the pop up?


Solution 1;

This was a bug in the 3.8.0 update. You can fix it with the method below:
1. Connect to the NAS with PuTTY and login with admin account (www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/pu … nload.html)
2. Type the command: setcfg Misc Configured TRUE
This should fix the issue. It will also be fixed in the 3.8.1 Firmware release next week.


Solution 2;

For a new install, the most easy way is to wipe the two installed HDD partition tables

1. Connect to the NAS with PuTTY and login with admin account (www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/pu … nload.html)

2 – Type this commands;

[~] # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1
[~] # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1

Ps: (sda means first HDD, sdb meand second…vs if you want to remove 4.th HDD partition, just change command with sdd)
3 – Power-down, power-up, and re-do the complete installation with QNAP Finder from scratch.



Solution 3;

Change browser;

I changed my default browser to IE instead of trying to get it to open in firefox, or cutting and pasting the address into IE and now it works.



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