MyCloudNas Configuration

Enable MyCloudNAS Service in “MyCloudNAS Service” > “Configure MyCloudNAS”. Register a host name for the NAS or change the host name anytime. Specify the time interval to check the external IP address of the NAS. The NAS will notify MyCloudNAS Service automatically if the WAN IP address of the NAS has changed. To use MyCloudNAS Service, make sure the NAS has been connected to a UPnP router and the Internet.



The MyCloudNAS name of each QNAP NAS is unique. One MyCloudNAS name can only be used with one NAS.
A registered MyCloudNAS name will expire in 120 days if your NAS have not been online within the period. Once the name is expired, it will be released for new registration by other users.
In “Configure MyCloudNAS” > “Publish Services”, the web-based NAS services are shown. Select “Publish” to publish the NAS services to MyCloudNAS website. Select “Private” to hide the published NAS services from public access. The private services on MyCloudNAS website are only visible to specified users with MyCloudNAS Access Code.

Note that if a disabled NAS service is published, the service will not be accessible even the corresponding icon is shown on MyCloudNAS website (

Set MyCloudNAS Access Code: Enter a code of 6-16 characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9 only). The code is required when the NAS users attempt to view the private NAS services on MyCloudNAS website.

Click “Add Users” and specify maximum 9 local NAS users who are allowed to view the private NAS services published on MyCloudNAS website.

Select the connection method: MyCloudNAS Connect (VPN) utility and/or MyCloudNAS website. Click “Add”.

Click “Apply” to save the settings.

To send the instructions of using MyCloudNAS services to the users via email, select the user(s) and click “Send Invitation”.

Note:To use this function, the mail server settings must be properly configured in “System Administration” > “Notification” > “Configure SMTP Server”.

Enter the email address. To send the instructions with a link for users to reset their MyCloudNAS password, select “Reset Password”. Click “Send”.

Note:The link for password reset will expire in 24 hours after the email is sent or after the user resets the password.


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