iPhone 4s / 5 vs Samsung S II / III vs Evo 3D

For Multimedia, Social Media & Music;

Samsung Galaxy S II > iPhone > HTC Evo 3D

+With 16 Gb internal memory and expandable 16 GB SD support, SII is perfect for Music & Video.

iPhone has only 16 Gb internal memory and you cant expand it. Games size are bigger than iPhone and can easyl finish free size limit. This is a big problem, because you have to give decision about which game / Movie or MP3 delete everyday.

Evo has horrable 1 Gb internal memory, and I dont want to make any comment about this.

+You can play music While playing a game, also easly can swith to Nimbuzz to send message to you firend vis MSN, or your mails, and again easly switch back to your game or MP3 list; Great part is SII can handle this without problem.

SII worse part is battery end so fast with this usage. (it drops %50 in 45 minutes)

Switching between game & mp3 and Mail is not so easy on iPhone, but this devidce battery doesnt drop this fast.

I dont want to make any comment about Evo.

+You can plug SII to your Pc, and with simple drag & Drop any MP3, movie or game to your phone. You dont have to do anything more.

For iPhone you have to install iTunes (or other softwares if you Jailbreak your phone) to do same. You cant install game with this way, only movie or mp3.

For Business Usage;

Samsung Galaxy S II > iPhone > HTC Evo 3D

+Samsung SII was my “Right Hand” for 9 mounths. With Great screen size, you can write any message or mail easly. Also Android unicode support, you can download & type in Turkish easly. (Which iOS doesnt include like this.

iPhone & HTC web browser speed is much more faster than Samgung SII

For Game Play,

iPhone > Samsung Galaxy S II > HTC Evo 3D

+Even this device small screen, nearly all game campanies supports iPhone. There so many games on iPhone and I install & delete more than 4 games everyday. (it was 1 game for a day for Samsung SII

Samsung Screen size is great for games, but game campanies doesnt support Android like iPhone.

HTC Evo 3d Feature couldn save the device, because none ot he game campanies produce 3D games anymore.

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iPhone 4s / 5 vs Samsung S II / III vs Evo 3DiPhone 4s / 5 vs Samsung S II / III vs Evo 3D, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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