Qnap over Wireless Network


To connect the NAS to a Wi-Fi network, plug in a wireless dongle into a USB port of the NAS. The NAS will detect a list of wireless access points. You can connect the NAS to the Wi-Fi network in two ways.


The wireless connection performance depends on many factors such as the adapter model, the USB adapter’s performance, and the network environment. For higher connection performance, you are recommended to use wired connection.
The system supports only one USB Wi-Fi dongle at a time.

1. Connect to an existing Wi-Fi network:

A list of Wi-Fi access points with signal strength are displayed on the “Wi-Fi Network Connection” panel.

Icons and Options



To search for the Wi-Fi networks in range.

(Secured network)

This icon shows that the Wi-Fi network requires a network key; enter the key to connect to the network.


To connect to Wi-Fi network. If a security key is required, you will be prompted to enter the key.


To edit the connection information. You may also select to connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically when it is in range.


To disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.


To delete the Wi-Fi network profile from the panel.

Show all

Select this option to display all the available Wi-Fi networks. Unselect this option to show only the configured network profiles.

Click “Rescan” to search for available Wi-Fi networks in range. Select a Wi-Fi network to connect to and click the Connect button (). Enter the security key if it is a security-key enabled network. Click “Next” and the NAS will attempt to connect to the wireless network.

You can view the status of the configured network profiles.




The NAS is currently connected to the Wi-Fi network.


The NAS is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Out of range or hidden SSID

The wireless signal is not available or the SSID is not broadcast.

Failed to get IP

The NAS is connected to the Wi-Fi network but could not get an IP address from the DHCP server. Please check the router settings.

Association failed

The NAS cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network. Please check the router settings.

Incorrect key

The security key entered is incorrect.

Auto connect

Automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network if it is in range.

The auto connection function is not supported if the SSID of the Wi-Fi network is not broadcast.

2. Manually connect to a Wi-Fi network:

To manually connect to a Wi-Fi network that does not broadcast its SSID (network name), click “CONNECT TO A Wi-Fi NETWORK”.

You can choose to connect to an ad hoc network in which you can connect to any wireless devices without the need for an access point.

Enter the network name (SSID) of the wireless network and select the security type.

No authentication (Open): No security key required.
WEP: Enter up to 4 WEP keys and choose 1 key to be used for authentication.
WPA-Personal: Choose either the AES or TKIP encryption type and enter the encryption key.
WPA2-Personal: Enter a security key.


The WEP key must be exactly 5 or 13 ASCII characters; or exactly 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters (0-9 and A-F).
If you have trouble connecting to an encrypted wireless network, check the wireless router/AP settings and change the transfer rate from “N-only” mode to “B/G/N mixed” or similar settings.
Users of Windows 7 with WPA2 encryption cannot establish ad-hoc connection with the NAS. Please change to use WEP encryption on Windows 7.
A fixed IP address is required for the wireless interface in order to establish an ad-hoc connection.

Click “Finish” after the NAS has added the Wi-Fi network.

To edit the IP address settings, click the Edit button . You can select to obtain the IP address automatically by DHCP or configure a fixed IP address.

If the Wi-Fi connection is the only connection between the NAS and the router/AP, you must select “WLAN1” as the default gateway in “Network” > “TCP/IP” page. Otherwise, the NAS will not be able to connect to the Internet or communicate with another network.


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