Qnap HD Station Restart Problems & How To Solve


After the last firmware update the HD station keeps restarting for no specific reason,



to prevent a reboot (HD_Station restart is not enough because it’s the driver state that are changed (kernel level … it’s why a reboot works)
you must try to reactivate the Xorg and QTV the desktop manager
1 enter in HD_Station (it’s a chroot) using a ssh console
choort $(getcfg hd_station install_path -f /etc/config/qpkg.conf) /bin/bash
verify DISPLAY is set if not set it
export DISPLAY=:0
Then play with xset and / or xrandr command
REMEMBER result IS NOT immediate … you must have ten to dozen of seconds before effect (so you can use command more quickly it’s not important)

try unset DPMS (power management) then don’t forget later to set it back
xset -dpms (the xset +dpms)
try force screensaver off
xset -s off
request status
xset q

if this (after some seconds) don’t display the QTV on screen
request resolution mode
xrandr -q
change (then return) resolution or force an auto checking …

… generally playing DPMS and screensaver is enough … BUT depend of the driver state … and perhaps the model (AMD don’t have same characteristics than Intel)

I use this before I solve definitively the problem by adding “Hdmi Plug Pass-through” at back of my QNAP




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