QGenie: Qnap NAS Device İn Your Pocket

QGenie: Qnap NAS Device İn Your Pocket

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QGenie: Qnap NAS Device İn Your PocketQGenie: Taşınabilir Küçük Qnap NAS Ünitesi, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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2 Responses to QGenie: Qnap NAS Device İn Your Pocket

  1. Patrick Pasquali says:


    Many thanks for this superbe page with tons of valuable information.
    I’ma fan on this product and use it as a photographers as I can avoid using a PC or Mac.

    I have a small question where I hope there is an answer.
    When you are outside your country you prevennt cellular data to be active due to roaming. When this is set and you use Qfile to backuop your photos, you can’t establish a connection.
    The only way to do it is to enable cell data outside of your country altough you don’t need them as you connect the Qgenie over WIFI.

    Is ther a solution to this very anoying situation?
    Many thanks if you could help
    PS: If you have an IPAD and use Qfile HD, it work but, the Qfile version (without the HD) even on IPAD react the same as the Iphone
    Many thanks for your help
    Patrick Pasquali

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