Emulator Games for iPhone & Android


I – How To Play Mame Arcade Games on iPhone;

Warning : You dont have to Jailbreak your iPhone anymore to Play Mame Arcade Games on your iPhone! This also works on Jailed iPhones!

1 – Download “Gridlee” Game From Appstore to your iPhone. (its Free)

2 – Run game just once.

3 – Download and Install “iFunbox” software to your PC from this link;


Then Connect iPhone to your PC with USB Cable. (Also be sue lastest version of iTunes is Installed)

4 – Go to “Connected Devices -> “Your iPhone” -> User Applications -> Gridlee”

5 – Then in Gridlee folder, go -> “Documents -> roms.” Drag & drop game you want to this folder;

(PS : Type Google “Mame Final Fight Rom Download” to download this game)


6 – Now run Gridlee game Once again. You’ll realize that game menu completly changed! Simply come to Reload Roms Option and Press “B” Button!


7 – Now you’ll see game will appears. Now choose your game and press “B” Button Once again..;

8 – And… Its working with full sound!



Where Can I Download Mame Games?

Also, you can download complete MAME Arcade roms by this way, but must warn you, my Mame Archive size is 31,6 GB;

a - Download and install “uTorrent” software (Totaly free)

b - go to www.isohunt.com

c – Type “Mame Roms” to search engine. Choose and download with highest “S” and “L”  rate,

d- Enjoy!


 Can I Run Snes (Super Nintendo) Games?

Not with this program. This is used for only Mame Roms. Here is a software on Appstore, but I havent try this one yet;



iFunbox Doesnt Work On My Pc, What Can I Do?

I have 1 Pc and 2 Laptops, and iFunbox doesnt work on one of my Laptop. Still have no idea how to fix this, but just try this process on another PC, and that should work.

 Ps : I read “choose İnternet Explorer as your default browser to fix”, but havent test this yet.


I Download And Install a Game, But It Doesnt Work?

Mame roms are based on “Games” and “Game Clones”. Game Clones size are small and Required original game rom. Example, If you try to Install Street Fighter III, You’ll realize that thare are 9 versions of this game with different size. Check this picture;

If you install 130 KB version, You’ll get this error message and game wont work;

But If you install 65 Mb sized one…


Game Should Work fine; (But SfIII works really slow on my iPhone 4s)


Also zipped file may be corrupted, or Mame version may not support that game which you download, so try to download game from another source.


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