RAID Yapımda 76 TB Boş Alan Olması Gerekirken 64 TB Görünüyor, Problem Ne Olabilir?

My RAID Should Be 76 TB, But It Seems 64 TB, What Maybe Wrong?

Qnap raid size


Quick Answer; With Qnap New Firmware, If You Dont Change “Bytes Per Inode” Option whiclre creating Volume, You’ll Have Less Space Then You Have. Here is default Bytes Per Inode result;

Bytes Per Inode (2)

And here is after you change Bytes Per Inode option;

Bytes Per Inode (1)


How To Fix?

1 – If you have a low size volume, you must remove and re-create, so go to Storage Space to Remove Volume

how to change volume (1)


2 – Click on Volume and go ->Manage -> Remove ->ok

how to change volume (2)

3 – Wait for removing..

how to change volume (3)how to change volume (4)

4 – After finish, go to create -> Create Data Volume -> Choose Thich or Thin Volume (I prefer Thick)

how to change volume (5)

5 – Enable File System Option and change to 65536

how to change volume (6)

6  -Press “Set Max” and click next

how to change volume (7)

7 – After process finish; you will have 76 TB Free size again

how to change volume (8)


You May Get A Threshold Error; To Fix This, Diable Threshold

1 – If you Get This Problem;

how to solve threshold warning (1)

2 – Go To Volume -> Manage -> Actions -> Set Threshold

how to solve threshold warning (2)

3 – Disable Threshold and Appy;

how to solve threshold warning (3)

4 – Problem Fixed!

how to solve threshold warning (4)

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