ISO İmaj Dosyası Paylaşımı

ISO Share Folders

You can mount the ISO image files on the NAS as ISO shares and access the contents without disc burning. The NAS supports mounting up to 256 ISO shares.

*TS-110, TS-119, TS-210, TS-219, TS-219P, TS-410, TS-119P+, TS-219P+, TS-112, TS-212 support maximum 256 network shares only (including 6 default network shares). The maximum number of ISO image files supported by these models is less than 256 (256 minus 6 default shares minus number of network recycle bin folders).

Follow the steps below to mount an ISO file on the NAS by the web interface.

1. Login the NAS as an administrator. Go to “Share Folders” > “ISO SHARE FOLDERS”. Click “Mount An ISO File”.

2. Select an ISO image file on the NAS. Click “Next”.

3. The image file will be mounted as a network share of the NAS. Enter the folder name.

4. Specify the access rights of the NAS users or user groups to the network share. You can also select “Deny Access” or “Read only” for the guest access right. Click “Next”.

5. Confirm the settings and click “Next”.

6. Click “Finish”.

7. After mounting the image file, you can specify the access rights of the users over different network protocols such as SMB, AFP, NFS, and WebDAV by clicking the icons in the “Action” column.

The NAS supports mounting ISO image files by Web File Manager, see here for more information.

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