Gelişmiş Klasör İzinleri

“Advanced Folder Permissions” and “Windows ACL” provide subfolder and file level permissions control. They can be enabled independently or together.




How to Configure

Advanced Folder Permissions

FTP, AFP, Web File Manager, Samba

3 (Read, Read & Write, Deny)

NAS web UI

Windows ACL


13 (NTFS permissions)

Windows File Explorer


FTP, AFP, Web File Manager, Samba

Please see the application note ( for more details.

Windows File Explorer

Advanced Folder Permissions

Use “Advanced Folder Permissions” to configure subfolder permissions directly from the NAS UI. There is no depth limitation for the subfolder permissions. However, it is highly recommended to change the permissions only on the first or second level of the subfolders. When “Advanced Folder Permissions” is enabled, click the “Folder Permissions” icon under the “Share Folders” tab to configure the subfolder permission settings. See “Share Folders” > “Folder Permission” of this section for details.

Windows ACL

Use “Windows ACL” to configure the subfolder and file level permissions from Windows File Explorer. All Windows Permissions are supported. For detailed Windows ACL behavior, please refer to standard NTFS permissions:

To assign subfolder and file permissions to a user or a user group, full control share-level permissions must be granted to the user or user group.
When Windows ACL is enabled while “Advanced Folder Permissions” are disabled, subfolder and file permissions will have effect only when accessing the NAS from Windows File Explorer. Users connecting to the NAS via FTP, AFP, or Web File Manager will only have share-level permissions.
When Windows ACL and Advanced Folder Permissions are both enabled, users cannot configure Advanced Folder Permissions from the NAS UI. The permissions (Read only, Read/Write, and Deny) of Advanced Folder Permissions for AFP, Web File Manager, and FTP will automatically follow Windows ACL configuration.
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