ISCSI Performansı Hakkında

Optimize iSCSI performance

In the environments that require high performance storage, such as virtualization, users are recommended to do the following to optimize the iSCSI and NAS hard disks performance:

Use instant allocation

When creating an iSCSI LUN, select “Instant Allocation” to achieve slightly higher iSCSI performance. However, the benefits of thin provisioning will be lost.

Create multiple LUNs

Create multiple LUNs according to the processor number of the NAS. The information can be checked in “System Status” > “Resource Monitor”. If the NAS has four processors, it is advised to create four or more LUNs to optimize the iSCSI performance.

Use different LUNs for heavy load applications

Spread the applications such as database and virtual machines that need high Read/Write performance on different LUNs. For example, if there are two virtual machines which read and write data intensively on the LUNs, it is recommended to create two LUNs on the NAS so that the VM workloads can be efficiently distributed.


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