ISCSI Lun Alanımın Kapasitesini Arttırabilirmiyim?

I – How To Expand Qnap Lun Capacity 

II – How to Expand HDD Size Without Data Loss;

I – How To Expand Qnap Lun Capacity 

iSCSI LUN capacity expansion

The NAS supports expanding the capacity of an iSCSI LUN. To do so, follow the steps below.

1. Locate an iSCSI LUN on the iSCSI target list in “iSCSI” > “Target Management”. Click .

2. Use the slide bar to specify the capacity of the LUN or enter the capacity in the field. Note that the LUN capacity can be increased many times up to the maximum limit but cannot be decreased.
Type of LUN allocation Maximum LUN capacity
Thin Provisioning 32TB
Instant Allocation Free size available on the disk volume

3. Click “Apply” to save the settings.
Note: An iSCSI LUN must be mapped to an iSCSI target before increasing the capacity.

II – How to Expand HDD Size Without Data Loss;

Warning: Qnap or I are not responsable data loss after this process, so if you have critical datas, please backup them first.

1 – I have 2 Gb Lun, and want to expand it to 4 Gb without loosing data;


2 – Go to Qnap ISCSI -> Lun Proporties and Expand capacity to 4 Gb. It should seems as 2 Gb data + 2 Gb RAW file;


3 – Download and Install EaseUS Master Home Edition. Choose your HDD, right click on it and choose “Resize / Move Partition” option.


4 – Hold icon and move it to the right to expand your HDD size, and press “Ok”


5 – Click Appy at the top of the menu;


6 – Press “Yes”;


7 – You should see this process;


8 – Your Lun size capacity is expanded without any data loss.



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ISCSI Lun Alanımın Kapasitesini Arttırabilirmiyim?Can I Expand My ISCSI Lun Capacity?, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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