Qnap Qsync Problemleri ve Çözümleri

I – Qsync for Mac crash/disappear/high CPU

II – Qsync Keeps Doing The Sync For Some Files Problem

III – Qnap Connection Problem, How To Fix;

IV – Qsync Windows 10 Problem;

V – How To Choose Folders For Qsync


I – Qsync for Mac crash/disappear/high CPU

Please uninstall Qsync and install latest version;



II – Qsync Keeps Doing The Sync For Some Files Problem

Q: Before Qsync Mac v1.4.0 or QSync Windows v2.0.0, sometimes it keeps doing the sync or some files are not synced. Why?

A: This could be related to the NAS permission settings. You may try below steps to check or fix it.

  1. Check whether Advance Permission is on or off from QTS UI. It is suggested to turn it off first.
  2. In “homes” permission, Team Folder Receiver has to be added to owner’s home folder. Select “Apply and replace all existing permissions of this folder, files and subfolders”
  3. Click “Sync with NAS now” from Qsync client


III – Qnap Connection Problem, How To Fix;

1 – First Try;

Description Incorrect username or password
Solution make sure username/password is correct

2 – If Doestn Work, Fix Home Folder;

Fix Home Folder
  1. 1.     make sure home folder is enable and working
  2. 2.     enable/disable home folder on QTS Control Panel
  3. 3.     ssh login NAS
  4. 4.     ls -all /share/
  5. 5.     check homes is a link
  6. 6.     if homes is a file/folder rename it
  7. 7.     check home is not exist
  8. 8.     if home is a file/folder rename it
  9. 9.     ssh login NAS
  10. 10.     vi /etc/smb.conf
  11. 11.     check [home] and [homes] is exist and correct (compare with other NAS)

3 -If doesnt Work, Fix Sahre Folder;

     Fix shared folder sync

  1. 1.     open [QTS] -> [Qsync Central] -> [Shared Folder]
  2. 2.     find the shared folder which is selected and:
  3. 3.     path of shraed folder is include or be included by another shared folder which is selected
  4. 4.     path reference to homes

3.    unselect it and apply

  1. 1.     Restart Qsync

4 – If Still Doestn Work, Please Restart Qsync;

Restart Qsync
  1. 1.     stop and start Qsync on QTS control Panel / App center
  2. 2.     ssh login NAS
  3. 3.     /etc/init.d/qbox.sh restart (4.2.x)
  4. 4.     /etc/init.d/qsyncsrv.sh restart (4.3.x)
  5. 5.     1.reboot NAS


IV – Qsync Windows 10 Problem;

Qsync version:

Customer descrioption

The QSync suddenly failed to run in my Windows 10 (10.0.10586 Build 10586) notebook. See attachment screenshot for the error.

I try to reinstall Qsync, but problem still there. I suspect the issue cause by a recent Windows updates, but still the same issue after I uninstall the updates.

Check point

Check user profile Path

1.run regedit by command line

2. navigate to


the value should be %SystemDrive%\Users\

please take the screenshot to us



V – How To Choose Folders For Qsync

1 – Open Qsync and go to “View and Manage Folders”

qsync 1.1

2 – Press Add Folder;

qsync 1.2 qsync 1.3 qsync 1.4 .

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