Qnap Geri Dönüşüm Kutusu (Recycle Bin) Çalışmıyor, Nasıl Düzeltebilirim?


Somehow when I delete a file form a shared folder (through a network drive or the File Station directly) the file isn’t in the @Recyle Shared Folder although the Recycle Bin is activated.

It shows the folder @Recycle in my share, but there is only the file desktop.ini and no other deleted folder/file.

I created some empty .txt files and deleted them.
They did not appear in the @Recycle folder.

What am I doing wrong?


How To Solve;

1 – I suggest you try disable/enable it again then as seems like a problem then.

2 – It seems that zero length files (such as you would get using Windows to right click, New, Text Document) are not saved in the recycle bin. This leads me to believe the recycle bin may be working, it just outsmarted your testing.

If you open the files, type a few characters, save and delete them, for me the files are then recycled.

3 - What eventually restored my NRB function on both units was:
a) I stripped out all the ‘previously loaded’ apps listed above
b) I made sure the NRB facility was turned off globally
c) I manually emptied then deleted all existing ‘@Recycle’ folders; each NAS was then as it would have been had the NRB facility never been used at all
d) I downgraded each NAS to the previous QTS version, (done using the QNAP Finder app in Windows)
e) I then turned the NRB back on globally, then turned it back on for each shared folder – a change which was now persisting.
f) the NRB facility was then working again, which I verified by testing each Shared folder shown in the Shared Folders dialog.



Here İs How I Solve;

It seems like a firmware bug, maybe changing firmware can help youin this case, but if you dont have a firmware change chance, please fallow these steps to fix it;

1 – Change smb version from 3.0 to 2.1 under Network Service ->Win/mac/nfs -> Microsoft Networking -> Advance

Qnap recyle bin doesnt work (1)


2 – Go to network recyle, disable Recyle, and enabl eit again, and be sure only “Enable Network Recyle Bin” is avaible!

Qnap recyle bin doesnt work (2)


3 – Go to share folder options, and disable / enable again “recyle bin”

Qnap recyle bin doesnt work (3)


4 – and while testing recyle bin, please be sure about your test files is not 0 Kb! be sure you write someting inside of those files!

Qnap recyle bin doesnt work (4)


This should fix the problem!

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