Qnap BIOS Güncellemesi ve HDD Spin Down Problemi Çözümü

Some earlier shipment of TS-251/HS-251 use an older BIOS version.

In some conditions, the NAS may show kernel error “hpet1: lost 9600 rtc interrupts” under the older BIOS version.
This error prevents the HDD(s) from spin down.
If customer complain about the HDD spin down issue, and you see the kernel error by “dmesg” or diagnostic log, please use the following SOP to update the NAS BIOS.

For TS-251:

1. Download the flashrom utility and QW37AR32.BIN bios binary to a NAS folder.



2. use SSH to connect NAS and go to the folder.
# chmod a+x flashrom
# ./flashrom -c W25Q64.W –programmer internal -w QW37AR32.BIN
# reboot

After reboot, the new BIOS will be loaded

For HS-251:

1. Download BIOS file from below link.


2. Extract the compress file and you should see two files:

3. Copy both of these files to the shared folder, “Public”.

4. Use Putty to connect to NAS via ssh and run below commands.


[~] # cd /share/Public
[/share/Public] # chmod a+x flashrom
[/share/Public] # ./flashrom -c W25Q64.W –programmer internal -w QW57AR09.BIN

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Qnap BIOS Update To Solve HDD(s) Spin DownQnap BIOS Güncellemesi ve HDD Spin Down Problemi Çözümü, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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