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quick.cgi Problem & How to Solve?

Problem; 1 – Each time I log in to Qnap interface, I get a pop up “opening quick.cgi” and cannot login Qnap; Or; 2- I recently upgraded my TS 212 to version 3.8.0 (2012114) of the firmware. I also activated the … Continue reading

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Qnap Compatible Supported Device

Here you can find Qnap compatibility list. After enter this link, just press your device model to expand list (which starts with “Applied Models”) Qnap 3.5 HDD compatibility; Qnap Solid State Disk (SSD) 2.5” HDD compatibility; Qnap UPS … Continue reading

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Qnap HDD Compatibility List (Very Important!)

I – Qnap HDD Compatibility List II – About “Not recomended” HDD’s III – Meaning of Notes IV – Where to buy Qnap Compatable HDDs   I – Qnap HDD Compatibility List Warning : You must choose right HDDs for … Continue reading

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Does Qnap Gives Free Backup Software?

I – Netbak Raplicator II – Cobian Backup : Free Unofficial Advanced Backup Software III – Offically Supported Party Backup Softwares   I – Netbak Replicator Netbak Replicator is A Client base Free software comes with Qnap. You can … Continue reading

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Qnap Data Protection Features

I – Protect Your Datas With RAID II – Qnap Enhanced read-only protection III – Qnap System Migration Feature; IV – Qnap Advance Backup Features; V – How to Draw Data Loose Chance Minimum with Qnap; I work as an … Continue reading

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FAQ About Qnap

I – About Qnap, II – Qnap Live Demo; III – What is the Difference Between NAS Models; IV – Meaning of Products Codes V – Things you should Know Before Buy; VI – Qnap RAID Size Calculator;   I – … Continue reading

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Which Qnap Solution is Best For You?

Qnap Solutions are consist 3 parts : Qnap NAS data storage devices (NAS), Survelliance station (NVR) and Home Media Player (NMP) Qnap NAS : NAS Solutions provides you large Storage capacity and used for sharing datas. Qnap NVR : NVR … Continue reading

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Pre-Sales Support

I – What is NAS Device II – Qnap Features III – Why Qnap? I – What is the NAS device? NAS, Network Attach Storage, is a data storage device running over the network. Very simply, think that it as … Continue reading

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Qnap First Time Installation

I – Qnap first time Installation II – Problem on First Time Installation?; III – How to configure Ip with same subnet IV – What is RAID / RAID Data Process V – Must I use RAID? / How to … Continue reading

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Basic Network Knowledge

What is IP Adress? An IP address is a fascinating product of modern computer technology designed to allow one computer (or other digital device) to communicate with another via the Internet. IP addresses allow the location of literally billions of … Continue reading

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